Why Myna?

Regulatory compliance

Does your company have the obligation to draw up energy audits periodically or is it faced with new observability requirements?

Cost Engineering

Do you think that the cost of energy per unit of product can no longer just be estimated?

Improve margins on products and services

Do you want to reduce your monthly energy cost without making huge investments?

Tenders / Calls

Does your company need ISO 50001 certification?

Reduce waste

Is your company forced to "give away" the surplus self-produced energy?

Open Source ISO 50001 Energy Management Systems (EMS)

Italian manufacturing, energy, automation and Lean sustainability

Manufacturing excellence linked to mature sectors, but?

Important impact of energy, primary factor of production, on the final cost of product

Diffusion of photovoltaic self-production on flat roof

Heterogeneity of production assets linked to different eras (electromechanical, semi-intelligent, intelligent)

Power not optimized on outdated lines

Constraints to change imposed by machine manufacturers through software supplied with the machine

Every production must be rethought in terms of Lean sustainability

Engineering is the method for the continuous improvement of Italian manufacturing

Field engineering

is the discipline that deals with the automation of the workshop through IoT (Internet of Things) technologies, and Industry 4.0, that with the bi-directional communication (read/ write) with the machines, collects the data of process and trend every second, minute, hour, day

Data engineering

is the discipline that deals with the saving, cleaning and consolidation of data from the field, which through a Business Intelligence dashboard allows historical analysis and calculates for each point of interest KPIs (key performance indicators). Finally, it dialogues and interacts, exchanging data, with other business applications: MES, ERP, HR, CAD, PLM

Automata engineering

is the discipline that develops non-anthropomorphic automatic systems, able to independently manage the choices suggested by data analysis

Towards Industrial Renewable Energy Communities

Create REC in industrial/craft areas between manufactures with workings in counterphase time
Auto manufacturers who give to the network important shares of Photovoltaics
Energy storage cost sharing (hydrogen)
Detailed management system for individual machines and for individual processes (produced, consumed, source)
Real-time accounting of exchanges between partners
Automatic electronic invoicing with sending to Italian tax authority
«Private bubble» 5G of continuous interconnection between the partners of the industrial area

Latest News

Interview from the “bioPmed” Technology Center

Here is the CEO, Thomas Ferrero, who presents the company as part of the

Demo Day 2023

On June 9th Thomas and Francesco represented Myna-project.org s.r.l. at Demo Day 2023 at

SMAU London

From May the 2nd until the 4th, we will participate to SMAU London 2023.

Open Up With US

On January 24th, Les Pépinières d’Entreprises de la Vallée d’Aoste hosted Open-Up With Us,