Multiprotocol Bridge module for energy measurements

Product description

Embedded device based on MCU ESP32
Configurable as:
  • Serial-TCP bridge
  • Modbus RTU-Modbus TCP bridge
  • DLMS/COSEM brdige with RS485 output or via Zvei probe


It serves to make smart meters readable in a standard way also for other devices, has a serial RS485, an Ethernet interface and a Wifi, as well as 2G/3G/4G, LoRa

Developed on devices manufactured in Europe:

  • ProDino ESP32 produced by the Bulgarian KMP Electronics
  • Moduino X produced by the Polish Techbase


Version 2G/3G/4G, LoRa: with a dedicated router (in photo 4G DIGICOM) receives the measurements and transmits them to a collection center or a Microserver/Gateway Edge, with the necessary interfaces that can also save/process locally.

Energy measurement

Additional energy measuring devices inside the switchboards connected through the multiprotocol bridge to the collection point

TA – AC/DC current converters and transformers to be inserted on the cables to be measured
  • Hall effect AC/DC current transformers with analog and RS485 serial output
  • Flexible Rogowski probes
  • Separate core current transformers with secondary at 5 A and 333 mV
  • Universal current and voltage converter and analyzer
Meter – reads measurements from TA and makes them available on RS485 serial buses
  • Hall effect AC/DC power meters, single phase, for voltages up to 800 VAC/1000 VDC (RS485 output)
  • Power, single-phase and three-phase meters with external or through TA with RS485 output
  • Bidirectional (acquired/transferred) three-phase photovoltaic energy meters with DLMS/COSEM protocol with RS485 output or via Zvei probe