Modulo Intell – Intelligent field interface (gateway)

Product description

64-bit ARM based device for:
  • Field data collection
  • Interface to PLC on the machine
  • Interface to bi-directional meters
  • Gateway 4G/5G


Developed on devices produced in Europe:
Example setup (as shown in the photo)

  • RevPi Connect S 8 GB Open Source
    Developed by the German company Kunbus GmbH
    Intelligent component
  • Router 4G 300 DIGICOM
    Industrial Cellular VPN
    Telephone transmission/reception component

Functional specifications

Field data collection

It reads industrial meters, consumption smart meters, sensors and weather stations of the most popular manufacturers, sends data to the Analysis System in standard formats and protocols (e.g. JSON via HTTP or MQTT/AMQP), but can also store locally as Timeseries on InfluxDB database

Interface to PLC on the machine

Currently, plug-ins with Siemens S7 series PLC (S7-300, S7-1200, S7-1500) are developed, as well as with the Logo series! (version 7 and 8), which allow to read the states of I/O, counters, timers, data blocks

Interface to bi-directional meters

Plug-in for interfacing bi-directional meters (taken/supplied) of photovoltaic energy with DLMS/COSEM protocol (IEC 62056, EN13757-1) that are read via serial (RS232, RS485) or TCP, or via Zvei probe

Gateway 4G/5G

It can be a dedicated router as in the picture, which receives the measurements and transmits them to a collection center or a Microserver Edge with interfaces that can save/ process even locally. Upon request also in LoRa version

Software applications already developed and released Open Source

  • Interface to PLC of operating machines or production lines
    Allows you to read the states, but also the energy consumption, as made available by the manufacturer of the machine
  • Interface to bi-directional photovoltaic energy meters
    In order to obtain the real-time reading of the energy transferred and that taken from the national network, which are data made available by the Provider but at the quarter of an hour the following month. Transferred and taken then compare with the measurement of the energy produced by reading the interface of the inverters
  • Interface to weather stations
    To get real-time information – temperature, humidity, wind, etc. – essential in climate-sensitive processes: textiles, agrifood, cosmetics, etc.
  • Simple Production Management System
    For companies that do not have a MES, a simple system to calculate the cost of energy per unit of product, built using the interface mentioned to the PLC of the operating machine to know the states, times, numbers produced, as well as to the ERP and the operator for order data, order, customer, raw material loaded, processed, discarded
  • First level of the architecture of an ISO 50001 Real-Time Energy Management System
    Able to calculate performance indicators (KPI or EnPI in real time)